The Only Two Things You Need to Do in San Diego

After 10+ years of being away, I recently went back to my hometown of San Diego, CA to visit family. From the moment I stepped off the plane I felt confident, calm, and right where I knew I needed to be. Home has that feeling, y’know? It’s something undeniable yet un-explainable. It’s familiar. It’s comforting. I didn’t know going back home would elicit such strong emotions from me,

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The Start of Something Amazing

A cute, dark-haired stuffed sheep smiling beside a coffe cup with the words, "Today is gonna be a good day" written on it.

You get the honor and privilege of reading my first blog post! #winning
Let’s just say that starting a blog is like strapping an electrified ball of anxiety on your shoulders for a few months until one day you wake up, look at the ball in the mirror and think, “why don’t I actually get rid of this today?”

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