Simple Pleasures, Happy Times, Moments to Remember

Smoked turkey on a wooden cutting board. Sliced turkey on a platter; sweet potato casserole in a pan beside potato salad A silver pot full of greens next to a pot of dirty rice. Pans of corn, green beans, and stuffing.

Thanksgiving 2016! 

I must admit, as a food lover, that Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I might go on a limb and say it is, in fact, my favorite. Maybe. This year was a special year because I was able to see my grandma, my sister’s family, my cousin, and aunt at the same time. Even though it was the first Thanksgiving without my brother (tears), we were still able to video chat him in. 

Shall we start with the family shenanigans? We shall indeed! The highlight of said shenanigans was my nephew’s version of break dancing. He almost two years old and somehow managed to rock and spin- in his own, adorable, uncontrolled way. I laugh when I think about him rolling on the floor, as if he is the star of the “head, shoulders, knees, and toes” cartoon. Haha! Next we have my sister and cousin- they are always down to shake what the good Lord gave them whether there’s music or not. There’s also me- certain days I just didn’t change out of my PJs. What’s the point? Sweat pants and a hoodie go hand-in-hand with the mass consumption of food.

And then there’s the food, OH, the food! Smoked turkey, baked turkey, greens, dirty rice, potato salad, stuffing, corn, green beans, soup…I can’t even!

I’m so thankful for these simple pleasures, happy times, and moments to remember. Until next year :o)


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