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I exclusive shoot with Nikon cameras but here I am, now, about to write a review about the Sony RX 100 IV. I would normally shame myself for breaking up with a camera that served me well, but when it’s time to go, you just have to go.

What it is

The Sony RX 100 IV is a Sony cyber-shot compact 20.1MP digital camera. Dubbed the “Speed Master” with a memory-attached 1.0-type stacked CMOS sensor, this camera can shoot 1/32000 sec, up to 40x super slow motion, and 4K movies. The anti-distortion shutter can continuously shoot at 16fps without blackout through the flip screen or pop-up viewfinder. To sum everything up, this camera is a BOSS.

Why I love it

It’s cute, need I say more? Ok, seriously, the Sony RX 100 IV has been a dream to shoot with.

As it’s description states, the Sony RX 100 IV is compact, measuring 4” length x 2.287 height x 1.614 depth. The camera’s petite body easily fits in my take-everywhere small cross-body travel bag. In addition to fitting in my bag, my camera fits in my tiny hands, too! Short people, and those with short hands, know the struggle of trying to reach the buttons on a massive DSLR camera, only to have their fingers tire at the end of a long day. Not so with my little friend!

I really don’t miss a shot when I have this camera with me because it truly is fast! I’ve been on a metro, train, bike, at sports games, weddings and whenever something is about to go down I whip this thing out, turn it on, and I’m ready to take a picture in about one second.

Speaking of fast shooting, there are pre-set auto shooting modes or I can choose a manual setup from a ton of different features. The menu is expansive, y’all, and lets me choose my exposure, red-eye reduction, on-screen stability and motion control guides, image size, video frame rate, soft skin effects, white balance, and a lot more. As far as presets are concerned, I’m amazed at the options available at the turn of a dial. There are the usual settings for macro photography and low light conditions, but also for sporting events and food. Yes! Foodies unites! All of these features are easily accessible through the Sony RX 100 IV menu button and viewed on the flip screen.

See what I did there? Just casually mention the screen tilts to avoid glare. Plus, it flips to the front of the camera for excellent selfies or vlogs like its no big deal. Oh, but it is a big, awesome deal! I love that I can see how everything looks — foreground, sound, background, lighting, and color — before I take a photo or record video.

Additionally, the Sony RV 100 IV is wi-fi enabled and I can connect to my iPhone or smart TV. By using the free Sony PlayMemories mobile app I’m able to transfer photos and video to my phone to text, post on social media, or transfer to my MacBook Pro.

What’s not so great

The camera does not have an interchangeable lens or external microphone input. All accessories — case, mics, and special memory card— must be purchased separately. The chords that come in the box are quite short and the base camera itself is expensive. Also, I chose to buy the Sony brand memory card to avoid performance drama as indicated in a few reputable reviews. Finally, Sony keeps improving the model and has already upgraded my RX 100 IV twice with the V and VI models. Sigh, keeping up with the Jones’s was never my thing.


It’s a powerful camera and priced as such. The price includes a new camera, base model. The price includes a battery with USB and charging chords.

Where to Buy

Where else but online, right? That’s where I purchased my Sony RV 100 IV and accessories (black leather case and memory card). There are used cameras that are cheaper from third-party retailers, but purchase at your own risk. Best Buy, Adorama, and B&H Photo and Video also carry this model.

Purchase Tips

Purchase a case at the same time as the camera due to it’s delicate pieces. Only buy the Sony brand battery and memory cards to avoid glitches. Because the camera is so expensive, mail carriers may require a signature upon arrival.


I hope you enjoy your new toy!

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