Tips for Buying Espadrilles at Casa Hernanz

Photo of a pair of navy blue wedge espadrilles from Casa Hernanz Alpargatería. Frolic & Courage.

Style, price, selection … this hand-made espadrille shop, or Alpargatería, is everything you hoped for. Casa Hernanz Alpargatería, located at Calle de Toledo, 18, 28005 in Madrid, Spain, has some of the best handmade, affordable espadrilles in the city. I know because I went not once, not twice, but three times during my vacation in Madrid and picked up shoes for myself and my mom!

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Safety Tips While Traveling Abroad

Photo of me holding a brass lock on a compact black leather bag. Frolic & Courage.

How do you stay safe when traveling abroad? Is it safe to travel? These questions are what’s on everyone’s mind before taking their first trip abroad. No lie, these questions popped in my head, too! That’s why I decided to make this list of safety tips while traveling abroad, i.e.- how to stay safe, based on my experiences traveling internationally.

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Traveling Abroad as a Person of Color

Photo of myself, traveling abroad as a person of color, inside the Musee de Louvre in Paris, France.

Traveling Abroad as a Person of Color:
The Underlying Reason Behind our Lack of Representation
You can’t really pinpoint the moment when “it” happens while traveling abroad as a person of color; but when “it” hits, you are incredible self-aware.
I sat on a hard red seat inside a crowded metro train in Paris on the way to an activity when I was hit with “it”.

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Sherpa Lined Hoodie

Photo of a red and green sherpa lined hoodie.

Welcome to the first edition of “My Stuff”, where I spill the beans about the stuff I own that make travel and everyday living that much more enjoyable!
What better way to kick off the section than with one of my most prized, weather beating, comfortable, fluffy, and colorful possessions: the Sherpa lined hoodie.
What it is: It’s a cotton/polyester fitted hoodie with soft,

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Myth vs. Reality: Wearing White Sneakers Overseas

I spend a considerable amount of time researching my destinations before I go. I read, I interview people who have gone before me, and I watch videos. I’ve digested a lot of content on the interwebz about what you should do and how you should do it, but after actually traveling I found some of the info I read to be flat out wrong.

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