Getting to Playa del Carmen

Photo of me sitting on the edge of the dock, looking into the water.

¡Buenos días! En el blog de hoy, voy a hablar sobre mi viaje a Playa del Carmen en la región de Quintana Roo en México. Translation: Good Morning! In today’s blog, I’m going to talk about my trip to Playa del Carmen in the Quintana Roo region of Mexico. I’d been to Mexico countless times as a child and again as a party-seeking collegiate spring breaker,

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The Suite Life

Man in suit looking out urban hotel suite window.

I’m back after taking a short break to get MARRIED! Can you believe it? Yes, the girl who started this blog as a single travel adventurer just tied the knot. Whoever said “time flies” was not joking! I’ll blog about more wedding stuff later because today we are going to talk about the Suite Life. Yup,

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Eight Hours at the Louvre

Congratulations! You’ve decided to visit the Musée de Louvre, one of the largest, most famous collections of art in the world and you’ve decided to see it all in less than eight hours. Good for you, you ambitious, slightly insane, over-achieving sun-of-a-gun! That’s what I did…and I was successful in seeing every piece of art my tender eyes could gaze upon.

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Myth vs. Reality: Wearing White Sneakers Overseas

I spend a considerable amount of time researching my destinations before I go. I read, I interview people who have gone before me, and I watch videos. I’ve digested a lot of content on the interwebz about what you should do and how you should do it, but after actually traveling I found some of the info I read to be flat out wrong.

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Things to Do While Single

Bouquet of purple flowers

One beautiful evening just before bed a thought popped in my mind (as thoughts often do right before bedtime), “there are so many things to do as a single woman, I should make a list of all the stuff I can do, just because I can!” And so began the birth of this list.
It is by no means comprehensive but it contains ideas,

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