The Best of Cincinnati, Ohio

Photo of three images taken in Cincinnati, Ohio: a hotel couch and lamp stand, chili cheese hotdog, and a vanilla cupcake. Frolic & Courage.

Quick getaways are simply refreshing. I’m able to escape the ho-hum routine of everyday life to jetset to a new land with new sights, smells, and tastes. My Hun’s cousin was to wed the love of his life in Cincinnati, Ohio so we booked a flight and hotel for 3 nights faster than our wedding RSVP would arrive in the mail.

To be honest, I don’t get all that excited over domestic trips but I think my heart is starting to soften. As a kid I traveled to the many climates all over California, road tripped from CA to Louisiana, spent time in Vegas and Missouri. During college I traveled throughout North Carolina and took road trips to New Mexico, Texas, Georgia. Post college I’ve been to New York, Florida, Virginia, Maryland…mainly the southern United States and a touch of the north east. So in a sense I felt like I’ve been there, done that in terms of domestic travel; but have I really? The answer is a clear NOPE!

Over the next few months, we’re not going to talk about awesome trips to Paris, London, or Madrid (although you can certainly read about them here). I’m going to feature two locations: Cincinnati, Ohio and Miami, Florida. But first, Cincinnati! I want to share a little bit about where we stayed and what we ate. Let’s face it: one of the best things about traveling is the food and accommodations to matter where you travel. Most everyone wants to know where you went and what you thought about what you did or what you ate. Welp, here I am to provide such insight (and my honest reviews) in great detail! Here’s a quick outline:

Where We Stayed

Hyatt Regency Cincinnati 151 W 5th St., Cincinnati, OH 45202

Where We Ate (Best Places to Eat in Cincinnati, Ohio)

  • Skyline Chili
  • Abby Girl Sweets
  • Red Roost Tavern
  • Maplewood Kitchen and Bar
  • Graeter’s Ice Cream


I look forward to sharing the good, bad, ugly, and delicious details with all of you. Stay tuned and feel free to drop your questions here in advance.

Antoinette | Frolic & Courage

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