What I Would Buy My First Time Grocery Shopping

Photo of fresh produce displayed next to price signage at a grocery store.

Grocery shopping from scratch and starting off from nothing with your food budget? In this blog, I share what I would buy my first time grocery shopping.

I’ve moved quite a few times in my life so I know what it’s like trying to figure out what to buy and making a first time grocery shopping list for a new apartment. Whether you’re moving into your first apartment and need to go grocery shopping, wondering what to buy for your first time grocery shopping, or just plain starting off with nothing and grocery shopping from scratch, these tips and suggestions will help fill your cupboards and fridge over time AND on a budget.

Also, don’t forget to download my free Rule of 5’s Grocery Shopping List to help you stay organized and on budget!

Screenshot of the Rule of 5's interactive grocery shopping list with ten predefined categories.
You can fill in this list on your computer or print to fill out by hand – the choice is yours!

Once downloaded, fill in your top five items in each category along with the estimated planned price. The Rule of 5’s grocery list works best on a computer, but you can either print the grocery list to write or type each item in this interactive form. Next, enter the item and the estimated cost in the “Planned” column. Each planned and actual expense column automatically calculates the total for you!

During and after grocery shopping, check each item off your list then fill in the actual price of each item to see if you’ve stayed on budget. Not only is my Rule of 5’s Grocery Shopping List interactive, but reusable, too! Just click the “CLEAR ALL” button to wipe the list clean to prepare for your next grocery shopping adventure.

So, download the Rule of Five’s Grocery Shopping List and join us as we go on a grocery haul to grab the essential and staple items!


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