Inside a Hotel Victor Room

Photo of a king-sized bed inside in a Hotel Victor Deluxe room.

What does the inside of a Hotel Victor room look like? Before we jump in, let’s quickly take in a little background info.

When I travel, one of the first things I do is book a flight and hotel at the same time; but finding a decent hotel is a challenge. I pour through countless reviews that are usually sponsored by a company looking to make money. Then I head to google images or to see what a hotel room really looks like. After that, I read reviews and make a determination.

This is a lot of work, but what I honestly want to see is what the room looks like in person. I want a first-hand, walk-through tour of the room I want to book, but these kind of reviews don’t exist in the travel space. That is, until now.

Hun and I booked a trip to Miami for his birthday and decided to share our trip with the great world wide web. Watch as we give you a first-hand look at what a Hotel Victor room looks like, specifically the Deluxe King room with all it’s amenities.

So here we have it! Hopefully this will be the first of many room tours to come. If you have questions about our Hotel Victor Miami review, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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