What’s it Like on a Cruise Ship?

Photo of me looking over the cruise ship balcony into the distant sea.

What’s it like on a cruise ship? I asked this question before embarking on my first cruise a few years ago. My Hun even asked this question before we took our one year anniversary cruise to the Bahamas earlier this year.

I know this is a departure from my Miami/Cincinnati blog series, but my computer died before I could finish a few more videos and vlogs. So …please forgive me as I continue to set up my new mac and fill your hearts with long-lost content!

Continuing on, I was able to help him and a few hundred others with advice for first time cruisers on Royal Caribbean, including a cruise interior room tour, and even a Chops Grille speciality dining review. What I failed to mention on this blog are the true questions everyone wants to know: what it’s really like to go on a cruise and what’s it like to take a vacation on a cruise ship?

Thankfully, I vlogged our cruise experience on my YouTube channel and decided to post all four daily vlogs here, too! So here’s a first-hand look at what’s it like on a cruise ship?

Day 1: Getting to Port Canaveral & Embarkation

Thumbnail for cruise vlog #1 - Day 1: Getting to Port Canaveral & Embarkation.


Day 2: CocoCay & Formal Night

Cruise vlog Day 2: CocoCay & Formal Night thumbnail.


Day 3: Snorkeling in the Bahamas and Dining at Chops Grill

Cruise vlog Day 3: Snorkeling at Nassau & Chops Grill thumbnail.


Day 4: At Sea on Enchantment of the Seas

Cruise vlog Day 4 At Sea on Enchantment of the Seas thumbnail.


I hope you get a sense of what being on a cruise ship is like after watching these vlogs. I had a great time and hope these Royal Caribbean Enchantment of the Seas cruise vlogs will take the mystery out of cruising!

If you have any questions, drop them in the comments below


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