Chops Grille Specialty Dining Review

Photo of the Chops Grille sign.

Chops Grille is a speciality dining restaurant onboard select Royal Caribbean cruise ships that is open for dinner on all nights and lunch while at sea. Let’s see if it’s worth the price!


What’s the atmosphere and ambiance like inside Chops Grille? The red velvet and white leather seating bleeds wonderfully into the rich mahogany-colored wood seating and dining tables. White tablecloths reflect what little light there is against the perfectly clean clear glassware. Who can argue against clean place settings?! A frosted glass partition and warm, modern light fixtures complete the look of a classic yet modern American steakhouse. In all honesty, the Chops Grille atmosphere is perfect for an intimate date night. The private space sharply contrasts to the overcrowded, loud, energetic main dining room. As an introvert I much rather enjoy peace and quiet to crowds any day!  The Chops Grille atmosphere is romantic, cozy, and comfortable – the perfect mix for a legitimate date night or special occasion.

Photo of a a red velvet-backed booth and white leather chair with mahogany accents inside the Chops Grille restaurant. Frolic & Courage.
Nevermind the cheesy brass highlighting the outside of the restaurant, the modern yet warm red and white interior made up for the lack of exterior style.

Notice how I said date night or special occasion. Why? Because the dress code is smart casual and prices are around $40/person for a 4-course meal. Is the atmosphere friendly to small kids? No. Are kids welcome? Yes. We thankfully ended our date night before a large table of adults attempting to calm three rambunctious little boys ordered appetizers.


As I mentioned earlier, Chops Grille serves a 4-course menu: a starter, appetizer, entrée, and dessert. Each meal comes with unlimited appetizers & sides. I ordered the grilled black pepper bacon appetizer – slow-cooked Berkshire pork, topped with a sweet and spicy glaze. Hun selected the  Dungeness crab and shrimp cake with rémoulade sauce and fresh corn. Unfortunately for those with dietary restrictions, the Chops Grille menu is not designed for those on a vegan diet. I’m sorry! But the portions are generous and flavorful for those with no limitations.

Oh! And I forgot to mention drinks are an additional fee. If you have a drink package you’ll be just fine but individual cocktails like this will cost around $13 and must be made at the bar which takes a little time.

Photo of a mixed drink from Chops Grille on Royal Caribbean Enchantment of the Seas cruise ship by Frolic & Courage.
I can’t remember the name of the drink, but it was tasty and fruity!

One question I read was, “How much can you order from Chops Grille on Royal Caribbean?”. You can order multiple entrees but larger cuts of aged beef or speciality seafood, like main lobster or a seafood tower, are served for an additional fee on top of the Chops Grille price per person. Honestly, the portions are HUGE and I can’t imagine having the capacity for seconds! If you have a seafood addition, you can combine with meat for surf n’ turf with your unlimited side dish selections.


Much like a well-composed symphony, the Chops Grille servers are well-timed and rhythmic in operation. We had one server to make sure everything was exactly to our liking. Good thing we are not picky people, but having the individual attention for a special night was a treat. Each server must serve a number of limited tables, of course, but ours went above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction. He was very friendly and if we had any questions, or even looked like we had a question, he would appear out of thin air with the perfect suggestion or comment. Was he a mind reader? I don’t know, but I am amazed at his attentiveness.

From start to finish, we spent about two hours oo-ing and ahh-ing at our dishes as we looked out the window at the deep blue Caribbean sea.

Photo of Hun staring out the window at Chops Grille on Royal Caribbean's Enchantment of the Seas. Frolic & Courage.
Hun admiring the beautiful blues of the Caribbean sea.


Is Chops Grille worth the price? I’d say yes for a date night or special occasion. It made sense to spend the extra money because it was our anniversary cruise on Enchantment of the Seas. Listening to my own cruise advice, we made our reservation online in advance using cruise credit, although maybe we should’ve waited to book on the spot because a few waiters offered a last-minute discount onboard to those loitering around the area (no guarantees). We enjoyed dining on prime cuts of beef in an intimate atmosphere with great service.

Photo of chocolate cake with berry compote from Chops Grille on Royal Caribbean Enchantment of the Seas cruise ship by Frolic & Courage.
Hun ordered the warm chocolate cake for dessert. It has vanilla ice cream and a berry compote.
Photo of a glass of lemon sorbet from Chops Grille on Royal Caribbean Enchantment of the Seas
I’m not one for desserts, but when I partake in sweetness, it’s most often a simple treat like this lemon sorbet.

In addition to this blog, don’t forget to watch Hun and I dine at Chops Grill on Royal Caribbean’s Enchantment of the Seas in my upcoming vlog!

Photo of the chops grille review YouTube video thumbnail.
Get a first-hand look at Hun and I’s experience dining at Chops Grill! Video premiers on Wednesday, October 9 at 4pm ET.

So, have you dined at Chops Grille before? Are you thinking about booking a table? Leave your review and comments below!

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