Tips for Buying Espadrilles at Casa Hernanz

Photo of a pair of navy blue wedge espadrilles from Casa Hernanz Alpargatería. Frolic & Courage.

Style, price, selection … this hand-made espadrille shop, or Alpargatería, is everything you hoped for. Casa Hernanz Alpargatería, located at Calle de Toledo, 18, 28005 in Madrid, Spain, has some of the best handmade, affordable espadrilles in the city. I know because I went not once, not twice, but three times during my vacation in Madrid and picked up shoes for myself and my mom!

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Prado Museum Highlights

Photo of the outside of the Prado Museum entrance. Frolic & Courage.

What is the Prado museum famous for? Plenty! Here are the highlights and things you need to know before your visit, based on my solo birthday trip to Madrid and the Prado Museum.
The Museo Nacional del Prado boats the best collection of Spanish art and some of the nicest collections of European art with over 8,200 drawings,

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4 Days in Madrid

Selfie photo of Antoinette standing in Plaza Mayor in Madrid, Spain. Frolic & Courage.

I clicked the “buy tickets” button, still reeling from my first solo travel adventure to Paris. It was my going to be birthday, after all, so why not spend four days in Madrid, Spain?
Ok, let’s back up a second. I didn’t expect to catch the travel bug nor did I plan to. So when I returned from Paris a swift depression hit.

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Safety Tips While Traveling Abroad

Photo of me holding a brass lock on a compact black leather bag. Frolic & Courage.

How do you stay safe when traveling abroad? Is it safe to travel? These questions are what’s on everyone’s mind before taking their first trip abroad. No lie, these questions popped in my head, too! That’s why I decided to make this list of safety tips while traveling abroad, i.e.- how to stay safe, based on my experiences traveling internationally.

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Tips for Grocery Shopping on the Dave Ramsey Plan

Photo of a receipt on top of a basket of grocery items. Frolic & Courage.

I’m a class of 2014 graduate of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (FPU) and one thing I know how to do really well is make my dollars stretch when it comes to food, hence these tips for grocery shopping on the Dave Ramsey plan were born!
I’ll be up front with you — no, I’m not starving myself and no,

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How to Bake Lemon Pepper Salmon

Close up photo of a lemon pepper salmon fillet, parmesan cous cous, and mixed vegetable plate.

Ready to learn how to bake lemon pepper salmon in the oven? In less than 30 minutes you can cook a delicious lemon pepper salmon meal for two following this simple, easy salmon recipe using lemon, pepper, garlic, and butter in the oven. Additionally, I love to cook salmon in the oven as a quick weeknight dinner that both my hun and I enjoy.

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7 Games (Office Shenanigans) to Play With Your Cube Mate

An orange duck pencil topper sits in front of various office supplies.

I work full-time like most college graduating older millennials in the workforce. I sit in a cubicle in an office building at the top floor, in a major city with a stellar view of other, taller, more glamorous office buildings next to a sea of coworkers. While it’s great to take a fabulous vacation to get away once in a while the truth is I have bills *cough* student loans *cough* to pay.

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How to Make Panko Fried Shrimp Like A Boss

Close up photo of panko crusted fried shrimp. Frolic & Courage.

How do you make panko crusted fried shrimp like a boss? Here’s a super simple, easy, step-by-step, crispy panko fried shrimp recipe dinner using creole seasoning, eggs, and flour.

2lbs Large shrimp – butterflied & de-veined
1.5 cups All-purpose flour
2 cups Vegetable oil
2 cups Panic Bread Crumbs
4 large Russet Potatoes (and baked potato toppings –

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Top 10 Gifts for Travelers in 2018

Photo of an armored suit, swords, helmet, and shield from India.

If the Majaraja of Datia can gift the world-traveling Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria, something as cool as this coat of armor in 1876 without the internet, there’s certainly hope for you!
Do you hear what I hear? It sounds a like someone frantically typing on a keyboard, panicking because they have no idea of what kind of gifts they should buy for their world-traveling loved ones.

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