What to Do If You’re Traveling While Sick

Photograph of a passport, luggage tag, and tissue on top of a suitcase. What to do if You're Traveling While Sick | Frolic & Courage

I can’t believe this happened to me. As great as a travel planner I think I’ve become spending time planning for every possible scenario, there’s no way I could’ve planned to get sick, let alone travel while sick, two days before my first trip to London. Ready or not, I was going to have the […]

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Traveling Abroad as a Person of Color

Photo of myself, traveling abroad as a person of color, inside the Musee de Louvre in Paris, France.

Traveling Abroad as a Person of Color: The Underlying Reason Behind our Lack of Representation You can’t really pinpoint the moment when “it” happens while traveling abroad as a person of color; but when “it” hits, you are incredible self-aware. I sat on a hard red seat inside a crowded metro train in Paris on […]

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What It’s Like to Live Without Cable TV

Photograph of multiples cables connecting to electronics.

Hi. I’m a millennial and I don’t have cable. Whew! That feels good to admit. Sure, it’s not all glamor and sunshine, but I’ve learned to live without it for over six years. Living this kind of cable-free lifestyle has its own set of pros and cons. If you’re thinking about cutting your cable subscription, […]

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The Making of “Me Mondays”

Feet crossed on a chair in a park. A sandwich rests in the foreground.

When you’re angry, tired, and stressed out something needs to change. Immediately. That was me just about every day. I woke up feeling like I didn’t get enough sleep and there were too few hours in the day to get what I needed done. At work it felt like everybody needed something from me. Emails, […]

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Weekly Planner

I’ve done something wrong. I’ve been very bad. When I first started blogging in 2016 I thought it would be fun to share what I’ve learned with the world and I still think it’s true; but, I lacked a plan and a weekly planner. Without a plan, I stopped blogging because the no-plan plan isn’t […]

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